About Us

Gray David Appleton

Hi, my name is Gray and I would like to thank you for stopping by and checking out my Blog.

A little bit about me: I started riding when I was 17 and at that time I also began turning wrenches. I think that all of my bikes were project-bikes. I managed to turn my hobby into a job and have spent over 15 years working in the motorcycle industry. I was lucky enough to spend a few years working in a shop building racing motorcycles. I was building bikes at the time when everything was going from carburetors to fuel-injection. We built a lot of Suzuki GSXRs, CBRs, FRZ/YZFs and the like. The machines we built raced in club events as well as professional national events in the USA.

I have always been a fan of two-stroke bikes and my first racebike was a heavily modified Yamaha RD400. The bike was a lot of fun, but had a bad habit of dragging its pipes.

77 Yamaha RD400

After seeing a Honda RS125 for the first time in person at Daytona, I fell in love with the little machines. I had to have one. Eventually, I managed to buy a 95 Honda RS125 that was in good condition. I would race it for a year or so before making any changes to it. After racing against a few 400s and SVs, I noticed I was down a bit on power. I made a few slight changes to the case and cylinder porting as well as tuned the motor to run correctly on the fuel I was using. My 95 RS125 was quite fast and I wish I still had it.

After moving to Germany I had to make a career change and worked for the last 10 years as a programmer. Sometime in 2012, I saw an advertisement where someone had bought the last 125s built from Honda and was selling them complete, still in the crate. I was lucky enough to get one, so I now have a 2009 Honda RS125… Times have changed and I found that getting parts for these little guys was getting hard.

After the company I was working for was bought and downsized (me included), I decided to take a break and go back to doing something I really enjoyed. My current project is my shop (gp-u-moto.de) where I sell parts for TZs and RSs. I started the shop to help you guys keep your bikes running. It is a lot of fun to see 20 or more 125s buzzing around the track.