Shop News CW19 2024

Since I finshed the handicapped bathroom for the café I can now start working on the shop extension and dyno-room. It will be a wooden structure as they are light and have and good carbon balance. I am mostly working alone so progress will be slow. It is not going to be a very large […]... Read More

Shop News CW32 2022

Hey guys, Bad news, the shop software has a major vulnerability. It has been patched but the shop software needs to be updated as quickly as possible. We were informed quite quickly and were able to patch the site before the vulnerablitiy could be exploited. We spent a lot of time customizing the current shop […]... Read More
Reed cage gasket

Shop News CW14 2021

Hi guys! Just a quick update to let you guys know what we are up to. Moving during the Pandemic has really slowed a lot of things down. Some things that you could do in a day took a week or two to get done… As far as the new shop goes we have had […]... Read More

Shop News CW44 2020

It has been a while since our last update and much has happend. The new NTN small-end bearings for the NX4/5/A are now in stock. We also added some new EBC wave type rotors to the shop. So, if you have the chance to check them out you should. We also have some very big […]... Read More

Shop News CW27 2020

Unfortunatly, due to COVID 19, we will not be able to set up a stand at the race track in Oscherleben this year. One of our team members belongs to the group of people who are particularly vunerable to a very severe covid-19 infection. Nonetheless, we are still here and are still processing orders and […]... Read More

Leaving Facebook

We walked away from Facebook a few weeks ago. This was not an easy decision as Facebook maintains a huge member database and is known world wide. This also meant walking away from potential new customers. Facebook’s conduct in the last few years is a good example of people in charge being so preoccupied with […]... Read More