Shop News CW13 2024

We are still here. The last year was really eventful and we managed to get a few things done. The Café is now open full time and we can almost move on to doing other more intersting things. If you have been following along on our Instgram* page you might have seen a few posts about our new Dyno. Before we can get it up and running we need to build a Dyno room and expand our shop so we can finally get our CNC machine up and running. Both will be a big help with our future projects.

To the shop: 2023 was a hard year for everybody with electricity prices skyrocketing. This led to a down turn in business not just for me but many other small shops out there. Between 2022 and 2023 we also saw a few manufactures halting the production of parts for a few of our machines. Dry clutch plates for the NF/NX5s are no longer avaliable. Yamaha has stopped stocking parts for the TZs and those are drying up. Entshitification has also arrived in the motorcycle industry and some suppliers that once were good are no longer. It has been a rocky ride from the start.

I made this shop to you help you guys out and get back into the industry. This is just one part of a project that we have been working on for years. I hope that this year I will finnally get some time to get back to work in the shop and build some really cool things. I will try to post more here and keep you guys better informed.

It has not been all bad news as there is now an alternative replament filter for the insanely over-priced OEM part for the NSF250s. They are now in the shop. We have also restocked the P4 rebuild kits and seals are on the way for the NF4 crank seal kits.

As always thanks for stopping in…

*After Instgram changed their privacy policy we deleted our account. We are now only active here and have created an account at Mastodon.

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