Shop News CW27 2020

Unfortunatly, due to COVID 19, we will not be able to set up a stand at the race track in Oscherleben this year. One of our team members belongs to the group of people who are particularly vunerable to a very severe covid-19 infection. Nonetheless, we are still here and are still processing orders and restocking the shop.

We have had to change a few things and find alternate sources for some items. One of our suppliers has quit making some items (pistions) so once they are sold out they will disappear from the shop. The other supplier decided that they would rather sell directly at dumping prices than through dealers. If you don’t know you own products well enough to sell them based on their positive properties, then I am going to assume there are none.

In the end “well it is cheap” is not a great argument for buying parts to install into a purebred production racer. At least not mine…

We have managed to order some original NTN bearings but we will have to wait for the next production run. Unfortunatly, they will not arrive before the next season. In the meantime, we are looking at temporarily stocking some Honda bearings.

Last bit of news, we are currently working on getting a CNC machine. It is our next project and will be a great help when done. We will do our best to keep you guys updated here.

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