Shop News CW14 2021

Hi guys!

Just a quick update to let you guys know what we are up to.

Moving during the Pandemic has really slowed a lot of things down. Some things that you could do in a day took a week or two to get done… As far as the new shop goes we have had to deal with a few set-backs and are currently working on an interim solution until we can move into our new hall. Orders through the shop will be processed as normal (with the usual speed).

Due to the move, we have not been able to restock some items. We are currently working on getting some of the more popular items back in stock. So, if you are missing something, just keep checking back with us.

We have added a new gasket to our inventory. Seeing as the supply of reed cage gaskets for the NF4/NX4 have pretty much dried up, we put our design into production. The new gasket has the correct thickness (1.5mm) and is a direct replacement for the Honda gasket (4132-NF4-651).

Thanks for stopping in and stay safe guys!

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