Shop News CW32 2022

Hey guys,

Bad news, the shop software has a major vulnerability. It has been patched but the shop software needs to be updated as quickly as possible. We were informed quite quickly and were able to patch the site before the vulnerablitiy could be exploited.

We spent a lot of time customizing the current shop software… Too much time, so much so that I regret having chosen this particular system. The shop uses a third-party template system that is not only the cause of the vulnerability but also the cause of slow loading times on the site.

We will need to run a vanilla site for a while until I get the time to modify the template and or move over to a different shopware system. The shop may be offline for a week or so, depending on how much data I lose during the system upgrade.

As simple as the site looks there is a lot of work I put into making it web and mobile friendly. Even so called “complete” template systems need to be tweaked so they work smoothly.

Sorry about the trouble guys… I will do my best to get the shop back up and running. If you need anything you can shoot me an email at:

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